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A complete and intuitive platform for ABA service providers, paired with personal support

Data Collection and Analysis

Noteable's clinical tools for ABA are BCBA-designed and carefully engineered by veteran software architects to give you the level of precision and fidelity that you need.

Complete Practice Management

Noteable is also a comprehensive practice management system that removes friction from all of your daily tasks so you can focus on delivering the best possible care to your clients.

Engineered Simplicity

Noteable simplifies practice management and clinical workflows with careful design and extensive customizability.

Mobile Data Collection

Collect data in session with our native app for iOS or Android, designed to make it easy to collect objective and behavior data easily, with one hand, so you can stay focused on your client. You can even collect data while offline! Session data is sent to your Noteable account for graphing as soon as you end it.

Advanced Analysis Tools

Powerful tools let you analyze data to uncover insights. See your data through target aggregation, re-scaling, phase and event lines, trend lines and more. Easily embed graph snapshots in reports.

Built For Treatment Teams

The Noteable Client Portal lets you capture intake information, share client documents, capture signatures, and coordinate scheduling with your clients in a secure, compliant and intuitive way.

Flexible Documentation

All of your client documentation, from intake to assessment, treatment plans, SRAs, progress reports and summaries is organized and easy to access. Report templates are customizable to show the information you want, in the format you want. Include custom data points, and fully customize supervision and approval workflows.

HIPAA Compliant Telehealth

Provide services remotely, over a secure, HIPAA compliant and reliable telehealth platform. With incredible features like Supervision Mode, and Remote Signature Capture, you can provide excellent care no matter where your client is.

Easy Scheduling

With configurable reminders, clinician availability, and calendar automations, scheduling client appointments and internal meetings is a snap.

From Notes to Remittances

Custom billing rules convert your notes into billable claims in real time so you know exactly where you stand, at a glance. Generate an 837 file with one click to upload to your clearinghouse, or upgrade to Pro billing for one-click claim submission and track your active claims through to remittance right within Noteable.

Simplified Case Management

From intake to discharge, Noteable keeps track of changes to your clients' insurance, medications, treatment team, addresses, funding authorizations and more, and makes sure your reports always reflect the correct information for the correct dates. Noteable helps you stay audit-proof!

Case Study: EMG Consulting

EMG Consulting is a behavioral and instructional ABA provider headquartered in Virginia. We met them a few years ago at the Virginia Association of Behavioral Providers annual conference. They decided to give Noteable a chance and we've been partnering ever since toward their goal of providing exceptional ABA services and fostering positive outcomes for their clients and stakeholders. Check out this case study to find out how Noteable made a difference for them!

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Purchase Options

Some providers are just looking for data collection and analysis. If that’s you, Noteable has you covered with the ABA Data Suite. Offer other services or just want to run your whole practice in one place? No problem. The ABA Data Suite is included in the Noteable Behavioral Services Platform. See below for details.

The Noteable ABA Data Suite

Mobile Data Collection

Capture notes, access client records, and complete tasks on any device from anywhere. App available for iOS and Android.

Graphing and Analysis

See your data through target aggregation, re-scaling, phase and event lines, trend lines and more.

Progress Reports

Embed graphs in customizable reports. Edit report templates using a drag-and-drop report builder.

Part of the Noteable Behavioral Services Platform


Keep track of client appointments, clinician availability, availability requests, and trainings with drag and drop calendar editing.

Automated Billing

Claims are generated from notes in real time so you can track the utilization of authorized units. Export claims to an 837 file for submission to your clearinghouse.

Client Portal

Give your clients access to a secure portal where they can fill out customizable intake forms, review and sign documents and get reminders for scheduled appointments.

Contextual Reminders

Noteable’s contextual reminders send alerts and guide you right to where you need to be to complete an outstanding task.

Authorized Unit Tracking

Track authorization burn-down in real time so you can see where you are in terms of unit utilization to optimize your billable time.


Conduct HIPAA compliant sessions with clients and internal meetings from within Noteable, with unique features like remote signature capture and supervision mode.

Practice Analytics

Track workload and performance across multiple locations by monitoring key metrics.

Noteable offers the ABA Data Suite as a standalone product, if you're just looking for data collection and analysis, but it's included in the Noteable Behavioral Services Platform at no additional cost! Run your whole practice with Noteable.

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Personalized Support

Partnership is central to our mission. If you partner with Noteable you can expect prompt, knowledgeable and friendly support from people who can actually help you. We strive to create trusting relationships with our clients through personalized support and quick solutions, handled with care.

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Noteable is Built for ABA

Noteable was created by community-based industry experts and software developers to meet the unique challenges of running an ABA clinic. We are continually listening to our customers, gathering feedback and incorporating it to improve our solutions, so that they can deliver better care.