Pricing to Suit Your Practice’s Needs

Noteable believes in transparent partner relationships. This means no hidden fees, no long-term obligations. We keep our pricing simple so you will never be surprised by your bill. And you’re never locked into a long-term contract.

Noteable is not ideal for independent practitioners or single-therapist outpatient practices.

The Noteable Behavioral Service Platform

Access to the full platform is priced per user, per month, at a graduating rate. For ABA providers, the data collection and analysis tools are included at no additional cost. ABA provider just looking for data collection and analysis? See below.

UsersCost/Cost Per User
First 10 users$500

*The first 10 users are included in the base price of $500.00


Integrated Faxing

$25 per month for up to 250 pages


$9 per licensed user per month

The Noteable ABA Data Suite

If you provide ABA services and just need data collection and analysis, the standalone data suite is priced per-client, per-month at a flat rate. The base price of $240.00 per month covers your first 20 clients.


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What Makes Noteable Better?

Backed by experience, our team of experts understand your role as a care provider. We get you. And we created Noteable to simplify behavioral health practice management using real-world insight. You can try it free for 3 weeks after attending a demo!

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