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Noteable's advanced features and partnership approach take the stress out of billing.

Pro Billing

Submit claims with one click, track their status and reconcile payments right from your Noteable account.

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Elite Billing

Let Noteable's team of RCM experts handle your billing for you while having complete visibility to all of your claims, every step of the way.

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At Noteable we are continually innovating to bring exceptional value to every aspect of your behavioral health business. Now we have launched incredible new billing features that will revolutionize your revenue management process. We've even built a team of experts who can help you streamline and simplify your billing workflow. In short, Noteable is your go-to partner for billing. Whether you choose our new Pro Billing option, which gives you one-click claim submission, or our Elite Billing option, in which we take care of your billing for you, you will get powerful management tools, along with unmatched partnership.

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Pro Billing: A Fully Automated Solution

All Noteable customers enjoy seamless claims generation. Claims are generated in real-time as your staff enter notes, using complex billing rules based on the set of programs, services and payers you work with. As a Pro Billing customer, you can submit those claims right from your Noteable account with one click and track them all the way to remittance. Noteable's clearinghouse partner is connected to all the major payment networks so you know you're covered. Advanced reporting tools give you complete visibility to your revenue at all times.

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Elite Billing: An Innovative Approach

Noteable's one-of-a-kind RCM Collaboration Suite gives our Elite Billing partners complete visibility to the tasks that they need to complete to resolve denied claims, as well as the actions that we are taking on their behalf. You can quickly find real-time information regarding the status and history of denied claims, including denial information from the payers and notes from our team. You can see where all of your unrealized revenue is from unbilled to remitted, at a glance.

Become a Noteable partner and sign up for Elite Billing today and you'll never worry about missing a claim again.

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