Usability + Partnership

A Case Study

How EMG Consulting streamlined operations while allocating more time towards client-focused initiatives.

Proven Success

EMG Consulting, an early adopter of Noteable's ABA Data Collection Platform, leveraged our software to enhance internal system workflow, ensure consistency in data collection, and boost efficiency in the reporting processes.

Time Management

Through the utilization of our platform and collaboration with our team, EMG Consulting achieved significant improvements in streamlining operations and allowing their staff to allocate more time and resources towards client-focused initiatives.

Our Mission

In 2015, Noteable embarked on a mission to redefine the landscape by prioritizing two core principles: Usability and Partnership. Drawing upon insights from industry experts, the company sought to develop a platform that transcended conventional offerings. Their goal was to create a solution that not only addressed the essential features but also fostered meaningful relationships with its partners.

Remaining steadfast in their commitment to the Noteable mission of empowering partners to devote more time to delivering exceptional care to clients, they recognized the pivotal role that their partnerships would play in realizing this vision within the rapidly expanding world of Community-Based and ABA Therapy.

Since its start in the 1960s, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has experienced significant growth, boasting a current count of over 36,603 ABA Therapists across all 50 states, creating a demand for Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Data Collection Software that continues to rise. The market has seen an influx of over 500 vendors in the United States offering various EHR products in recent years. However, despite the availability of these platforms, many struggle to establish genuine connections with their users.

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EMG Consulting

EMG Consulting, a Behavioral and Instructional ABA provider headquartered in Virginia, is dedicated to delivering exemplary services grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis directly to clients, families, and stakeholders. Central to their mission is the commitment to ensuring that every individual or organization they engage with feels supported and equipped with the necessary resources to facilitate the pursuit of happy and fulfilling lives. To uphold this mission effectively, EMG Consulting adheres to five core values:

Individualization: Ensuring that all services provided are tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each client. This includes personalized service recommendations, goal-setting, and levels of support.

Quality: Maintaining a relentless focus on delivering the highest standards of service excellence. This commitment is upheld through rigorous internal auditing processes, adherence to accreditation standards, and ongoing professional development initiatives.

Collaboration: Promoting a collaborative, team-based approach to service delivery for every client. This entails actively listening to and collaborating with all caregivers and stakeholders involved to ensure comprehensive support and alignment of goals.

Communication: Prioritizing open and consistent communication among all team members involved in each client's care. This emphasis on communication serves to foster continuity and consistency in service delivery, ultimately enhancing outcomes.

Generalization: Designing all services with a focus on promoting generalization across different contexts and environments over time. This approach aims to facilitate long-term success and sustained results beyond the immediate intervention period.

By upholding these fundamental values, EMG Consulting remains steadfast in their commitment to providing exceptional ABA services and fostering positive outcomes for their clients and stakeholders.

Using Noteable has drastically improved monitoring client progress and data collection is far more systematic and easy for providers to use. Accessible customer support has been a huge key to our success.
Elizabeth Matthews, BCBA
Owner & CEO, EMG Consulting

The Challenge

Elizabeth Matthews, Executive Director, and Jamie Collins, Clinical Director, candidly disclosed that their prior experiences with existing platforms were marred by significant challenges. Foremost among these challenges was the absence of a standardized report format, which hindered efficient data analysis and sharing of crucial information among team members. On top of this they encountered difficulties in accessing and reviewing active client charts, further impeding collaboration and decision-making processes. Moreover, the reliability of data collection processes was compromised, posing obstacles to accurate assessment and intervention planning.

Matthews and Collins continued to emphasize the pervasive issue of the time-consuming nature of completing and managing reports, detracting from the core focus of delivering quality care to clients. These challenges underscored the urgent need for a comprehensive solution that addressed the shortcomings of existing platforms while streamlining workflows and enhancing the quality of service delivery.

The Noteable Solution

In Noteable’s recent follow-up conversation with EMG Consulting, Elizabeth Matthews, BCBA, described the platform as "A reliable system with customer support that allows for us to have our needs heard and met." This sentiment highlights the positive experience EMG has had with the platform since transitioning to their Data Collection Services in 2021. Partner Advocates worked closely with Elizabeth and her team during and after their transition, a collaborative process specific to Noteable that continues to produce smooth onboarding results for all users.

Monique Stubbs was a huge key in Noteable’s partnership with EMG as she quickly stepped up as a Power User, taking the time to learn the ins-and-outs of Noteable’s customizable report template builder. Monique was able to work closely with a Noteable Partner Advocate to ensure EMG’s Treatment Plan was designed in a way that incorporated all client details and program graphing requirements. Once customized reports, including the Treatment Plan, were rolled out to EMG staff for use, Monique was able to relay that time to complete reports had decreased significantly for their team.

Results Driven

Since adopting Noteable, EMG Consulting has achieved impressive milestones, including the creation of 200+ individualized objectives for their clients, data collection for 50,000 trials within these objectives, and successful graphing and reporting on over 5,000 client sessions. Throughout these achievements Noteable has been thrilled to consistently hear positive feedback from those individuals actually using it in the feld, “The app is very user friendly and allows us to collect and accurately record a variety of data.” Felicia Shelton, BCBA.

In the space of practice management, EMG Consulting noted substantial improvements in monitoring client progress and overall efficiency. Noteable has provided a structured platform for completing and submitting treatment plans, managing client charts, utilizing an automated graphing system, and generating formalized reports—all within a single, user-friendly interface. This integrated approach has significantly enhanced EMG's ability to deliver high-quality services and streamlined their operations, allowing them to pivot back to their main focus of delivering outstanding care to their clients.

By the Numbers


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